Sunday, April 9

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Happy Sunday Everyone!!!

I have been asked to showcase all of the beautiful cards that have been made for Scrimpy's Stampin' Forum card sketch challenge this week.

All of the cards that have been shared, are so unique and beautiful in their own way and I myself will get so much inspiration from each of them.

This card was made by Barbara Tindle. I love the contrast of the red and white. These two colours definitely make each other pop and the sparkles on the flowers are so pretty!!! 

This entry was from the lovely Karen McClure. I love the background pattern that was made for this card and the flowers are absolutely stunning.

Catherine McCulloch made this 
gorgeous coloured card with the Beautiful You stamp set from Stampin' Up and the Flourish Thinlits. Love the style Catherine went for with this card.

A card made by Carol Ann shows us how you can make a card look stunning with only using a couple of colours. So pretty and I love the little bee that is hiding in the corner.

Claudia Cladden Scucchia made this sweet Swan card. I love this stamp set and I really like the way she has done the stripes on the bottom half of this card.

This beautiful card was made by Cristina Anca. I love the font of the sentiment and the colour combination of this card. Very pretty.

 A lovely card from Debbie Harper. I really enjoy the neutral tones to this card. The colours  and embellishments really give this card a very vintage feel.

Such a pretty card made by Donna Betts. One of my favourite colours ever is Teal and this card uses that colour so well. The pop of yellow makes the flowers stand out really nicely.

A Stunning card made from Elaine Briggs. The more and more I see this design  paper, the more I want it. Very Spring feel to this card and I just love the flowers that Elaine has used.

A Get Well Soon card made by the lovely Elaine Spencer. I really like the flower clusters that Elaine has used on this card, along with the feather embellishments. Gorgeous!

Such a pretty card made by Eli Mendez. I love the pastel colour to the hearts along with the neutral colours of the card. They work so well together. Beautiful

A beautiful card made by the lovely Sandra Riley. I really enjoy the symmetry and colours of this card. I will have to ask Sandra what ribbon or die cut it is that she has used for the ribbon. Looks so pretty :)

This card was made by Valerie Litten. A stunning colour palette. The shading of her flowers make them look so unusual and pretty. They go so well against the wood grain of the card front.

As you can see, the collection of cards that have been entered into the challenge this week are amazing!!! So many talented ladies and I just hope I have done them the justice they deserve in this blog post.

I cannot wait to see what they all come up with for next weeks challenge.

Well Done Ladies!!!!! 

Scrimpy's Stampin' Forum is a very friendly group and there is a new card sketch challenge set every week.

Each Monday morning, a new photo of a card sketch is put on the group wall. Members have until Friday of that week to come up with their ideas and post a photo for everyone to see. It is also up to you if your card has a mention in the weekly blog post which is normally done by Amanda Charlesworth.

Everyone in the group is so friendly and kind. No matter what level of crafter you are, you will have so much fun joining in. So why dont you come on over to Facebook and join in the fun :)

Just search for Scrimpy's Stampin' Forum and ask to join. You will have to request to join but the admins of the group (me being one of them) are very quick to accept all new ladies and gents into the fun. 

I hope you have enjoyed this showcase of cards. I will be back tomorrow with a tutorial post.

Have a fab rest of your Sunday, what ever you are up to :)

Take care and Always Sparkle



  1. gorgeous collection of cards x thank you for sharing xxx

  2. What an amazing selection of cards, each one totally different and equally as inspired as another!
    You have displayed the cards beautifully Stacey xxx

    1. Thank you Sandra x I loved showcasing all of the beautiful cards that have been made xx

  3. A fabulous selection of cards, all so very different. Thank you for sharing Stacey and hoping to join in this coming week. xx

    1. Thank you Christine, I will look forward to seeing your card this week :) xx