Sunday, April 2


Hey Everybody,

I wanted to start a blog post that will be highlighting my favourite 5 products of each month.

I will be sharing photos of the actual products themselves or items I have made using them, plus a brief reason why I am enjoying them so much. I just thought that this would be a little bit of fun and also may give you some inspiration of how to use certain products.

So here favourite goodies from the month of March. In no particular order....

Number 1 - Night of Navy card stock. 

Night of Navy 8-1/2" x 11" Cardstock
I absolutely love this colour card stock. I have used it so many times just this past month. It is a beautiful rich colour.
Product  code : 106557

Number 2 - Wink of Stella , Gold
Gold Wink of Stella Glitter Brush

When I first bought this product. I will be honest. I was not sure about if I was going to like it or how exactly I was going to use it. Now though I love using it for the centre of flowers or used around the edge of a card or tag. Beautiful!
Product code : 141898

Number 3 - Bow Builder Punch

I have used this punch for so many items this month. From cards, to gift tags and have even made some to plonk on a pressie or two :) The punch makes it so easy to make your own bows and the list of the bows you can make is longer than my arm! haha
I have also written a blog post showing just a few samples of the type of bows you can get from just this one punch. 
Product code : 137414

Number 4 - Love Sparkles stamp set

I think I have used every stamp in this set at least once just in March. I know for a fact some of them three or four times! Very versatile and looks fab either inked or embossed onto a project. Love Love Love! 
Product code : 143183

Number 5 - Butterfly Thinlits Dies

Anyone that has seen my blog in March. Has most likely noticed my love for butterflies! I have put two photos up to showcase some of the options you can have with this thinlits set  (You get 3 dies in this set)
As a decoration and a back drop to my sentiment and you can also cut pieces off of the cut outs to give more of a 3D effect or to bring a contrasting colour to your project. 

These thinlits dies are so intricate. Very delicate and detailed. They give the wow factor to anything you attach them to. Beautiful!
Product code : 137360

And that concludes my five favourites for March! :)

I hope you find some inspiration for your next craft shopping/ wish list and if you want to purchase anything from Stampin Up. I will leave the link to my store page at the bottom of this blog. (You can also find it on the main page of my blog; at the top) 

Or if you have any questions, just get in touch either on here, email or my Facebook page. All info for me is again on the main page.

I want to thank you for all of your time and support since I have started my blog! March was my first whole month of blogging. I loved every minute of it. From the planning of the goodies I wanted to show to thinking of new blog content to write. So THANK YOU!!!

See you tomorrow

Take care & Always sparkle!



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  1. I've just got the bow builder punch but not had a play yet love all your favourites, wonder if you'll carry any into this month? TFS x

  2. I've just got the bow builder punch but not had a play yet love all your favourites, wonder if you'll carry any into this month? TFS x

    1. Hi Barbara, thank you for you comment hunny x I'm sure some of these will be used in April too lol enjoy the bow builder punch. So many bows your going to be able to make 🙂 Xx