Sunday, March 12

🎈Garden Green Matching Gift Bag & Card🎈

Designed for Pootles' Team Birthday Blog Hop

Hi all!!

I have come on today to show you my entry for the Birthday Blog Hop!! March is my Birthday month so now I get to have a go! Whoop Whoop!!

I will be honest, I am not entirely sure about how a hop works as this is my first one I have been involved in. So I hope I am doing this right. 

I wanted to do a more masculine card and gift bag as it would be a bit of a challenge due to me not having any "masculine" stamps as such. Note to more stamps! (like I need another reason haha) Also I have never made a gift bag, so this was a double challenge for me. 

I will be uploading the tutorial on how I made both the bag and card either tomorrow or Tuesday. For now; this is more a show and tell kind of blog post

I love how these items came out and the colour scheme, I feel goes well together. Yes there are a couple of things I may change the next time I sit down to make a gift bag but at the end of the day. This world of crafting is one big learning journey. There is always something new you can learn.

Right, that is pretty much it for today's post. As I said, this would be a quick project share.

I hope you like the finished products. If there is anything that you would change or add. Please comment below. It is always nice to hear other peoples thoughts and ideas.

Have a fab rest of the weekend!

Take care and always sparkle

Stazzy xxx

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