Tuesday, February 14

💟Embossing, not just for paper???💟

Hey everyone!!

I just wanted to jump on here to quickly show you a project I finished off making today. For once I made something for myself. I know! shock horror right? haha

Firstly can I just say, when I was first told about embossing powder, I really only thought it was for......well I really didn't know what it was for. All I knew, was it was just something to do with paper craft. 
Now I know what exactly it is....WELL! I am hooked as much as I am with the whole inking thing. 

Embossing powders just adds that little bit of sparkle to a project that you need or that little extra something that makes you feel that the project is now perfect. 

Also it is magic! Whenever I emboss something I am absolutely mesmerised watching the heat change your stamp from powder to this liquid gorgeousness! Again is that just me??? please tell me it isn't haha

I found this mdf mobile phone stand that I had put in a drawer or as I like to call that drawer. The "I'll do it when I have five minutes" file. I was not 100% sure what I wanted to do with it, all I knew was it was to go on my new craft desk, which from a few days ago is now white so that was the colour of the phone stand sorted in my eyes. Like everything with me though, I wanted some sparkle.

That was when my embossing powder caught my eye. Light bulb lit up!

I grabbed my favourite Stampin Up stamp set at this moment; Love Sparkles, my versamark ink pad and my choice of embossing powder, and I just started stamping.
I used my Stampin Up heat tool to heat up the powder and waited for the magic to happen.

Once all was dry I did put a thin coat of mod podge over the top just to give my phone stand a little extra protection and I LOVE! how it turned out. 

My main point to this post today was to say that don't (like me) put a craft item in a box for only a certain use. Experiment; have fun and see what you can come up with yourself. I am sure I am not the first and I definitely wont be the last to emboss on a surface apart from paper. But I had fun and now I have a custom phone stand for my craft area. If I hadn't of experimented. I probably would of carried on balancing my phone on top of my paper stack haha

Right that is enough rambling from me. I hope you are all having a fab Valentines Day 💗

Like always, I will leave the products that were used and my Stampin Up store link down below and I shall see you next time xx

Always Sparkle

Items Used

Love Sparkles Stamp Set - 143183
Versamark Ink Pad - 102283
Copper Embossing Powder - 141636
Stampin Up Heat Tool - 129054

Non Stampin Up Products 
White Acrylic Paint
Gloss Mod Podge


  1. That is stunning. Now I know where I'll be when I FaceTime you when you're crafting lol 😂 xx

  2. Yep! you will be there! lol now you just need to get the embossing powders and see the magic for yourself haha xx