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Hello again,

First of all can I just apologise for not posting for a little while. I have had a couple of poorly little boys in my house and as I am sure most of you; who are parents know. Everything stops for cuddles and calpol.

But I am now back...

I wanted to do a product focus on one of my favourite Stampin' Up paper punches...

Bow Builder Punch - Item # 137414

You can get so many different types of bows from this one punch. The amount of colour combinations and types of bows you can do is endless. So today I would like to show you a few different bows that I have made using this punch and how many of each part of the punch you will need.

For tutorial purposes, I have laid out this guide. So for each bow I show you. I will tell you how many of each piece you will need. For this I have labelled the pieces that you cut out A,B and C.

#1 2 x A, 2 x B and 1 x C
This bow is one of the most traditional bows this punch is used to make. Using which ever glue you use (I use Stampin' Up Glue Dots) Adhere both A pieces to each other making them slightly over lap in the centre. Then you can shape the loops of the bow by, folding over and shaping both B pieces. Piece C is what you use for the loop around the middle of the bow. This piece also hides the joins of the other four pieces.

#2 (left)  2 x A, 2 x B and 2 x C                             
Both A pieces have been attached pointing downwards instead of off to the sides of the bow; like in Bow #1.

#3 (right) 4 x A, 4 x B and 2 x C. 
This bow is a mix of bow #1 and #2.
The two sets of piece A pointing both down and sideways and then the two sets of piece B stacked on top of each other.

#4    2 x A, 4 x B and 1 x C
As you can see this is a; what I like to call flower bow. I love the shape of these bows and I think they go really well on gift boxes. I finished this bow with one of Stampin' Up Enamel Shapes in the centre.

#5  5 x A, 6 x B
Another "flower bow". The first set of piece A is like the previous bows you have seen and it is on the bottom layer pointing out sideways. Fold the B pieces into their loops and adhere them to the base. The remaining A pieces were arranged on the top of the bow. Finished off with a fabric satin rose.

#6 4 x A, 6 x B and 1 x C
This is the last bow that I made to show a snippet of what the Bow Builder punch can do. This time I have used all of the A pieces on the bottom layer. I placed them in a plus sign shape. Place the four of the B pieces in a X shape on top. Make a bow like Bow #1 with the pieces you have left and glue this as the top layer. 
I finished this bow off with a button, which I think looks very sweet.

These were so much fun to make and did not take me long at all. 

A tip I used when shaping the loops of the bows (piece B) was I used a pencil to help shape the inside of the loop.

I hope I have given you a few more ideas of what you can use your Bow Builder Punch for. If you don't already own the punch and would like to. Visit my Stampin' Up Shop Page. (Link below)

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For now; I shall leave it here and I will see you all again soon.

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  1. Wow love the bows and so easy to do with the punch!

  2. Wow love the bows and so easy to do with the punch!