Sunday, January 29

Who is Stazzy??.....

Who is she??? ......Who is Stazzy???

Firstly a massive HELLO to you and Welcome! 

I thought the best thing to kick this whole blog off, would be for my first post to answer the question. Who is me?

Now whenever I get asked to describe my self in a few words. I always have two options in my head.....1) state my name, the most briefest description I can think of and be completely subdued and leave a little mystery ...OR...2) unleash all of the crazy out of the bag, full throttle; giving you all the techni colours that is me??? 

As always I will just try to keep myself somewhere comfy and cosy in the middle of the two extremes that is my mind 😊

Now, where do I start......Stazzy is short for Stacey. A nickname that was made when I was a few years younger than I am now. (Never ask a woman her age! you know that 😂) One of those names you don't really mind so it just sticks really. Nothing too exciting I am sorry to say. 

I am a mummy to two young boys and a husband which makes three, if you think about it haha but with my three boys in my house. I am also a massive girly girl. You name it; pink, sparkles, glitter, anything really. That's me. On top of all that girlishness my biggest passion (apart from my family, obviously) is crafting. Anything crafty! from embroidery to paper craft. I love it all!! If it involves any form of sticking, gluing, decorating. I AM IN! Oh and glitter, definitely anything glitter is a mahoosive bonus to me 😁

My favourite and most recent craft being the paper craft side of things. I am OBSESSED!! 

Getting involved in groups on facebook led me to Stampin' Up and then it all kind of led me here. I am now an Independant Stampin' Up demonstrator and this is why I have started this blog. To show people what I make, write you tutorials of how to make what I am making and to let you know where you can buy the majority of the products I am using from.

Also I do have my own site on the Stampin' Up website so you can shop through me 😀 my link will always be on my blog post and on my blogs main page. Any questions please just get in touch xx

Right I am off for now. Need to find that inspiration 😊

Be back soon, Always sparkle 

xxx Stazzy xxx

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